• Rashid Dolen

    Co-Founder and Partner at mSquared Shopping Centres

  • Mru Patel

    CEO and Founder My Tokenized Capital

  • Abdulla Al Ameri

  • Gordon Einstein

    Crypto-Attorney building the new blockchain and DAO future

  • Aida Pourbiazar

    Product Manager Aster DM Healthcare

  • Alena Beloshapka

  • Alexandra Sherbovich

    Creative Director at QTech Networks International

  • Ali Abuzinja

    Director Of Digital Transformation at Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park

  • Alia Via

  • Alina Magrifatullina

    Community and Marketing Manager

  • Almaz Kudratov

    Principal Chief Operations Officer at LWK Group

  • Anastasia Demicheva

  • AndrĂ©s Meneses

    Founder and Host Crypto OGs

  • Angus John MacCormick

    CTO and Co-Founder 36 Solutions

  • Anton Zinkov

  • Arezoo Nafari

  • Aslihan Vural

    Legal Assistant at IGT Services and Technologies FZ LLC